GCAAR & MAR Contracts

The Counselors Guide is a brief summary and comparison of some important provisions in the Maryland Association of Realtors® Contract (MAR Contract, Version 10/07) and the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors® Regional Contract (Regional Contract, Version 9/06). This guide is intended to highlight some of the significant differences between the two Contracts, but is not intended to be all inclusive. In no event should this take the place of reading each Contract and obtaining legal advice should you have any questions. Counselors Title, LLC, does not advocate the use of one Contract over the other.

MAR recommends use of its Contract for any residential property located within the State of Maryland and GCAAR recommends use of the Regional Contract or the MAR Contract in Montgomery County, Maryland (both Contracts are valid and carefully drafted by each Board). In the District of Columbia and much of Virginia, the only Board approved Contract is the Regional Contract. For Realtors® and their clients, the ultimate decision of which Contract form to use is one that is determined by the particulars of each transaction, local customs, and the market.

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