When you purchase a home or property, rely on Counselors Title to protect your interests with proper escrow funds disbursements and successful and timely closings. You’ll be served by a title company rooted in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area with more than 100 combined years of experience successfully bringing the title home.

What You Should Know about Closing

The “closing” (also called “settlement”) is the date when the buyer becomes the owner of the home. This closing date is established in the initial signed real estate contract. Our role at Counselors Title is to work closely with the buyer, seller, lender and any other third parties to the transaction to make sure all obligations are fulfilled to meet this deadline.

This includes preparing and gathering all legal documents to complete the transaction, having all documents signed and properly notarized, collect and disburse the money, transfer the title, and judiciously record the deed and loan documents.

Counselors Title has five offices conveniently located in Chevy Chase; Dupont Circle, Kentlands, McLean, and Annapolis.

How Our Escrow Agent Works for You

Buying and selling a property involves the transfer of large sums of money. Counselors Title protects the buyer, seller, and lender by transferring these funds and related documents between the parties in a secure and knowledgeable manner.

Your Counselors’ licensed escrow agent sets up a dedicated account to deposit relevant funds: the down payment, any funds provided to cover the closing costs, and the lender’s disbursement of mortgage monies while the transaction is being finalized. Once the transaction contracts are signed and notarized, your escrow agent disburses these funds and related documents to the appropriate parties.


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