Title Insurance Rates

Title insurance policies protect homeowners from issues arising from some defect in their ownership of the property that was not identified or cured prior to closing. In most cases, we are able to offer two types of title insurance – Limited and Standard, each of which are very competitively priced.

Limited title insurance protects a homeowner against errors that existed or occurred before their purchase of their real property up to the face amount of the policy (typically the original purchase price). Standard title insurance covers everything that the Limited policy covers plus a large number of other potential problems, including errors that could occur after you purchase real estate. Standard coverage also provides more financial protection in the event that you need to file a claim by insuring the property for its value as of the time the claim is made up to 150% of its original purchase price. Click here to review an easy to read comparison chart of the coverages offered by both types of policies.

Working with Counselors Title’s best-in -class insurance providers our clients are able to minimize this necessary insurance cost and select the right kind of policy for them. And, with our best practice approach to reissue discounts, our clients are also able to save additional money when reissue discounts are available.

We will go the extra mile to be sure any available reissue discount is received at closing with no additional burdens or work to the homebuyer, realtor or lender.