GCAAR Q&A – Is a verbal response to a home inspection notice enforceable?

Question:   Is a verbal response to a home inspection notice enforceable?  And how are “days” calculated under the contract? Answer:   The Home Inspection Contingency of the Addendum of Clauses (GCAAR Form # 1332) requires delivery of a “Notice” to the other party in response to an offer or counteroffer made by the otherRead More

GCAAR Q&A – Are Townhouses considered a Single Family dwelling regarding MC Lease Clause?

Question:  I need your help to interpret Clause 24 of MC Lease which says notices are to be given 60 days before lease expires, but 30 days for single-family rental property.  Are leased Townhouses, which are attached to a block of a few other townhouses, considered single-family rental property, per interpretation of Clause 24?  IRead More

Top 35 Title Troubles, and Reasons to Buy Title Insurance, from Fidelity National Title Group

There are many title troubles that can arise to cause the loss of your home–or your business property–or your mortgage investment. Title troubles not disclosed by the most careful search of the public records–called hidden hazards–are the most dangerous.  Because of them, your abstract may be perfect, but your title worth-less.  Your attorney’s examination may beRead More

Real Estate Today Radio:”The Closing” with Counselor Chris Darby

Don’t miss Real Estate Today’s Interview with Counselor Chris Darby!  Chris discusses the HUD-1 and other important parts of the closing process that anyone looking to buy or sell a home should understand. Check out the interview through the link below!  Chris Darby – Counselors Title – Real Estate Today Radio Interview    

The Purple Line Disclosure

Question: If a resident in Montgomery County is thinking about selling their home, and they live near or behind the proposed Purple metro line, do they have to disclose this to potential buyers? Answer: Pursuant to Montgomery County Code (Sec.40-13), a Seller is required to fully disclose to Buyers all specific facts relevant to, or affecting anyRead More

When Does the Financing Contingency Expire? | Counselors Q & A

Question:      My question is when does the financing contingency expire?  I had a lender send a copy of the commitment letter to the listing agent several days prior to the due date on the contract.  Is the contingency removed once the agent received a copy of the letter?  Or does it expire on the date stated inRead More

How Maryland’s Newly Enforced Law Can Save you Money on Residential Refinances

The Maryland legislature passed a new law that can save money on residential refinances. On May 2, 2013 SB 199 was signed into law with an effective date of October 1, 2013. The law provides that a homeowner no longer needs a subordination agreement to keep junior liens junior in certain circumstances.  Prior to OctoberRead More

What to Know when Navigating the Choppy Waters of TOPA

The greatest certainty regarding tenant’s rights (offer of sale and right of first refusal, “TOPA) in DC is that there is plenty of room for confusion and misunderstanding.  The District of Columbia prescribes the forms to be used for providing tenants rights and Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), Rental Conversion and Sale DivisionRead More

MD Recordation Tax Law Change Explained

On May 17, 2013 Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law SB 436/HB1209, eliminating a tax put into place just last year. Starting July 1, 2013 the distinction between principal residence and secondary homes has been eliminated with regards to the recordation tax during refinances. Previously, when a homeowner refinanced a secondary home they wereRead More


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA In response to the title industry’s suggestions for online tax bills, the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) as of August 15th, 2012 has made the tax bills available online. The tax bill can be found at the Taxpayer Service Center– Search Real Property Assessment Database: http://otr.cfo.dc.gov/otr/site/default.asp Then click “Real Property ServiceRead More